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How did The Fingerless Gloves Company come to be?

Besides the fact that we love fingerless gloves, it all started with an online search for our own personal fingerless gloves. Yes, there are plenty of places that carry them, but most of our favorite online stores only carried one or two choices. We found ourselves going from site to site trying to find what we were looking for and it got very confusing. It was difficult to track who had what and remembering which site had that ideal combination color, materials, length, etc. AAAAHHH! It was maddening.

We couldn't believe that there wasn't a single site that specialized in fingerless gloves. Sure, there are the craft sites that feature some beautiful handmade gloves but too often you fall in love with your dream pair of gloves only to find out that it was a one off and is already sold. Or it will be weeks before the next batch will be available. Maybe. And then there is always the cost.

So we here at The Fingerless Gloves Company thought "Hey, what the heck!" We love fingerless gloves anyway, and we already work in the ecommerce world, why not put together the site we would want, offering the choices we wish we had, and spread the love! Here you'll find a good variety of the most popular styles in fingerless gloves. We have them in stock, read to ship (FREE!*) and, if you're ever dissatisfied with your gloves, we offer free returns.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Fingerless Gloves Company

*Domestic USA Addresses only.

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